Sunday, October 16, 2011

been spending a whole lot of time
{really, lots of time}
on  pinterest

here are some of my newest pins


 i have been diggin these gallery walls

pillow love!

Pinned Image

 i love the linen headboard

i think a master bedroom redo is in the works
i have to do more research and if the bugdet allows
i want to consult her
i love her style!

Monday, October 10, 2011

menu monday

figuring out what to make for dinner is half the battle
the other is going to the market to gather your ingredients
ideally, i should look in my pantry and fridge and plan my menu that way
but i am just not hardwired that way
i usually have a craving for something and decide to make it
but seriously....going to the market every time i am making dinner 
just to buy a few ingredients gets old fast!

 here is my menu for this week

grilled chicken and sausage
bowtie pasta with peas in alfredo sauce
heirloom tomatoe with basil salad
{this is my boys favorite meal}

i might just make this

chicken taco soup, looks and sounds yummy
i found the recipe here

this is soccer practice night so for this week
i think we will eat leftovers
hubby doesn't mind leftovers and neither do i

thanksgiving dinner

another crockpot meal i got from here

cooks day off!
we usually go out to dinner or order in

and today i am going to make these

i made them a couple of weeks ago but i used wheat flour
they tased a bit grainy, today i am using white flour

i love that through blogs i have picked up so many great recipes.
can't wait to try these.

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