Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's official

so it is official!
hubby just got promoted and will be Principal this upcoming school year
this year {school year that is}is one of new beginnings for the both of us.

as i had shared in my previous post, this year i am job-sharing
that means part-time for me
which also translates to my salary being reduced to half.

before we decided that part time would be good for our family,
we really did not consider the cost
we took a leap of faith.
we new that the benefits would far out way

it had been something that i had been praying for
God gave me an opportunity
he heard my {and my friends, and sister's}prayers
he knows my heart
he gave me a gift
he took me out of a very bad situation

i was afraid but i knew deep inside that God would not forsake me
all i kept hearing as i considered my leap of faith was

"trust in me with all your heart,
 lean not on your own understanding,
be still and know that i am God"

i am glad i listened, trusted and followed
he has rewarded us

again i am in awe of greatness

photo from flicker

Monday, August 29, 2011

new beginnings

school started last week for the boys and i

here they are on their first day of school

this first grader is missing his front teeth, top and bottom!

can't believe how fast my boys are growing, he is now in third grade.

this year i decided to take a part time teaching assignment
{my choice, not because of budget cuts}
some would call me crazy to reduce my income by half
in these times of financial hardship and unemployment for many
this was my choice {of course with hubby's support and agreement}

today was my first official off day.
i am happy to take on my new role as a stay at home mom even if it is only part-time
this morning i gave my boys breakfast, got ready and dropped them off at school
i walked them to their class and for the first time ever
was able to stay and read to one{without feeling guilt that i should be working}

my boys are in school
some would ask why now?
the truth is your children will need you no matter what age they are
i get to pick them up at a decent hour
cook dinner without rushing
enjoy my weekend
i get to be a better mom
a more relaxed mom
a loving wife
there is not an amount of money that could make up for that

god is amazing and i am ever so grateful for this opportunity
i am in awe of his love and his faithfulness

And we know that in all things
God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose

Romans 8:28

God is calling me to take time and be mom
i am willfully obeying

 p.s .i just received great news for my family that i will share later
hope you are having a blessed week

Friday, August 19, 2011

i want a cow

today is the last free day before work starts
so i decided to stay home with my boys and catch up on a few last minute back to school errands
{and catch up on my blogs}

 this morning when i opened up my blog faves
what did i see?
 i saw this

and i immediately was smitten by the cute cow above his stove

i want a cow!

and then i remembered this cutie from miss mustard seed

isn't it just adorable. i beleive she named her Adele {though i think it is a he}

i think cows are just gentle animals
so if i can't own a real one
{not sure i want a real one}
i'd love to have one to hang in my home.

i like the muted colors on this print
 the colors would go well with my home

the last two prints are from google images

have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

barn doors

This unique pantry portal was a vintage door from an old New Orleans bank safe and is installed on a sliding track.

i am loving these barn doors
i also love the old school chalkboard wall

yes, i wish i lived in a barn
on a farm
with some chickens
and my family too, of course
that would be great!

imagine having this door for your bedroom closet

maybe one day when i live in a barn,
hey, a girl can dream right

p.s. this girl is back to work but plan on posting regularly.
this year i am taking a job share which means more time for me family.

images from cottage living and whisperwood cottage

Sunday, August 14, 2011

feeling blessed

today i woke up happy!
sunday is church day, family day.
 this past week was a difficult one as my nanita passed away on tuesday night.
as you recall from this post, she had broken her hip and femur and never quite recovered from it.

it is amazing what the will to live can do.
it can cure and heal and prolong peoples lives.
nanita was 85, her heart and lungs were strong but she was tired.
i guess if i were bed ridden, couldn't move and do the things i loved to do
i might lose my will to live too.

watching a person you love wither and die is the most difficult thing one has to go through
last year i lost my nephew christopher to leukemia
this year my nanita
death is difficult, it sucks.

though i have experienced loss, i feel blessed to have had nanita as my grandmother
i am blessed to have an amazing husband and family

today i pray for all those who are watching over their loved ones who are sick
i pray they find comfort in God
i pray for miracles to be done and that their loved ones would be spared and healed.

as for me, i am off to bake some brownies and enjoy my family.

hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

new arbor

hubby has been busy at work

 he built this to fill in a space where we had a bush removed

we planted white climbing eden roses

i especially like the x feature

i love it that hubby is soo handy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

done with the blues

after spending most of our sunday doing this

the color looked good before it dryed
hubby and i tryed convincing ourselves it was better than the brown we had before

it looked a lot lighter when it was wet

when it dryed hubby and i tryed to convince each other that it was ok
truth be told...
we hate it

we can't live with it for a while to see if it grows on us
it is way too bright

has this ever happened to you?

here we are again...back to square one
hate it when that happens

lesson learned: i am a nuetral kinda girl

couldn't i have gotten a clue from the rest of my house?

this time i am going to go a shade lighter than the one i like

poor hubby will have to re-tape

{i guess i will have to make it up to him by baking him somethin' sweet}

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