Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's official

so it is official!
hubby just got promoted and will be Principal this upcoming school year
this year {school year that is}is one of new beginnings for the both of us.

as i had shared in my previous post, this year i am job-sharing
that means part-time for me
which also translates to my salary being reduced to half.

before we decided that part time would be good for our family,
we really did not consider the cost
we took a leap of faith.
we new that the benefits would far out way

it had been something that i had been praying for
God gave me an opportunity
he heard my {and my friends, and sister's}prayers
he knows my heart
he gave me a gift
he took me out of a very bad situation

i was afraid but i knew deep inside that God would not forsake me
all i kept hearing as i considered my leap of faith was

"trust in me with all your heart,
 lean not on your own understanding,
be still and know that i am God"

i am glad i listened, trusted and followed
he has rewarded us

again i am in awe of greatness

photo from flicker

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  1. I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you both have wonderful adventures ahead of you!


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