Sunday, March 20, 2011


i been thinking about my bookcases lately
 i wish they looked like this

3. Adapt Your Home to Your Current Needs

 or like this
Newberry Bookcase

when it comes to displaying or organizing my bookshelves
 i am clueless

so i have been searching the web for ideas

i am drawn to the monochromatic color scheme

Rarely do shotgun cottages have formal entries. This monochromatic parlor acts as a space for welcoming and entertaining guests.

this is one of my favorite pictures from cottage living

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases add a sense of history and accentuate the room’s 10-foot ceilings.

i gotta get to work on it....sigh

Saturday, March 19, 2011

new necklace

yesterday i received this in the mail

in it was this
{number two insisted on holding it}

it came wrapped like this

i ordered the teeny tiny initials necklace

it has a j for hubby
 a b for son 1
an n for son 2

the boys said it needed an m for me
{how i love my cuties}

i loved it because not only is it beautiful and simple
but it also is special and reminds me of my lovies.

check out her website and blog

craft day

last month my sisters and our friend, maritza,  got together on a saturday morning
to work on our  crafting projects.

 it was so much fun to work, talk, and just enjoy creating something new. 

maritza was sewing a doll

 marisa was decoupaging clipboards

i was able to start the wreath that i had been wanting to make. 

my sis rosa helped me tear out pages

 and made her own chiquito version of the wreath.

i had to go around the horn many a times, folding, gluing, and pressing

my dictionary is now missing a thick chunk of pages

but when all was complete {the morning after}
my wreath looked like this

i love it!
please excuse the terrible photography, it doesn't do the wreath justice.

the wreath turned out to be quite bigger than i expected

it did not fit where i intended to hang it

for now it will live on the door.

been thinking about painting the door black,

hubby doesn't want to

he likes things as is

i will keep working on him.

what do you think

 black or as is?

Sunday, March 13, 2011


this past week flew by. last weekend my two sisters and I drove down to Tijuana, Mexico to visit our nanita in the hospital. she fell and what we thought was a broken hip thankfully turned out to be a broken femur,{still not good but better}. she was in good spirits. we hung out, talked and i asked her about her childhood. she told us stories about where she grew-up. we talked about food. my nanita was a great cook {she really can't cook anymore but she loves to help}. my sisters and i share her love of cooking. as a child i would enjoy watching and helping her cook. she would start early in the morning chopping and prepping for that evenings dinner. i loved how she was just so calm chopping and cooking and took her time. as a working mom who is always rushing to get dinner on the table at a decent time i wish i had the time to just focus on cooking and my home.

so being in a hospital in Mexico got me to thinking how lucky we really are. i was overcome by an immense feeling of gratefulness, that God has blessed us, thankful that my mom and dad out of a difficult circumstance moved to the US and that we were given an opportunity to have a better future.
 though we did not grow up with much, we were very fortunate.
some are never given that opportunity, some have to endure much, much more hardship and pain.

sometimes i wonder why should i be so lucky

and then realize that it is by the GRACE of God that i have what i have.

not because i am more deserving or that i have worked harder than others

it is by his love and GRACE,

how amazing that we are so loved,

how amazing ....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Prairie Style

i am in love

this is just one of many beautiful images in Fifi O'neals new book, Romantic Prairie Style
as I have previously shared, i love boots. i came across these images from the book while reading one of my faves and decided to share some pictures with you.

 I feel as though i am transported to some place in the country where life runs at a slower my heart aches for a slower pace..a calmer place...a peaceful place.

doesn't this look sooo inviting?

absolutely lovely...paradise..

and just because I love animals... horses are such beautiful animals.

Romantic Prairie Style~Fifi O\

I am going to reserve my copy of Romantic Prarie Style... it isn't out until april and is already on the top sellers list on Amazon...{sigh}.
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