Saturday, March 19, 2011

craft day

last month my sisters and our friend, maritza,  got together on a saturday morning
to work on our  crafting projects.

 it was so much fun to work, talk, and just enjoy creating something new. 

maritza was sewing a doll

 marisa was decoupaging clipboards

i was able to start the wreath that i had been wanting to make. 

my sis rosa helped me tear out pages

 and made her own chiquito version of the wreath.

i had to go around the horn many a times, folding, gluing, and pressing

my dictionary is now missing a thick chunk of pages

but when all was complete {the morning after}
my wreath looked like this

i love it!
please excuse the terrible photography, it doesn't do the wreath justice.

the wreath turned out to be quite bigger than i expected

it did not fit where i intended to hang it

for now it will live on the door.

been thinking about painting the door black,

hubby doesn't want to

he likes things as is

i will keep working on him.

what do you think

 black or as is?

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