Friday, December 2, 2011

master bedroom

i took some pictures of my master bedroom for a consultation.
i want to change and add something to our bedroom but haven't really figured out what
so here are some pictures of what my bedroom looks like now
{when it is all clean}

i love the look of the bed
dark and chunky especially since the room is pretty big

{ i know the fan is not nice and pretty, i would much rather have a nice
and pretty chandelier but in california, the summer and fall gets pretty hot 
 and i don't like to have the ac running all night}

i want to repaint the room
the color looks a bit yellow and buttery which i do not care for any more
i also want to get new curtains and maybe even bamboo blinds for the windows

i like looking out the french doors
seeing my roses and the green from the bougainvillea i planted this summer
you can read about it here

did i mention how i want new nightstands that are taller
these are too small but we really have not found any i like
i don't want them to match
ideally, i would like antique dressers, if my budget permits

 {speaking of budgets, i really don't have one, ha!}

and since i am pointing out some of the flaws of my bedroom
 i should address the elephant in the room

yes, our dresser which serves as a media center for the
tv, dvr, dvd player, and wii console

tried to convince the hubby about the tv, no luck
i must confess though that i like having the wii in my room
our house is small and when the kids play and cousins come over
they play and have a good time in the room
while the adults are in the living room
it works out, just doesn't look so pretty

so there you have it,
 our humble master bedroom
i look forward to posting some after photos

edit: i changed out a few things for the holiday
 here are a few more pictures of what my bedroom looks like now

i just really like the look of the white matelasse coverlet with the brown pillows

 my favorite bible verse framed on my nightstand

thanks for stopping by,
i am open to any suggestions, and comments are always welcome!

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