Tuesday, November 15, 2011

two years

i have been anxiously waiting two years for this movie

two years ago i read the entire series, fast like in the span of two weeks
for me that is big since it takes me forever to read an entire book
i read the first book and couldn't get enough
 hubby went out and bought me the second before i finished the first,
 when i finished reading the last book i was sad
felt like a teeny bopper
it was great

{though i must confess that i watched the movies before even reading the books,
 i fell for Edward. Yes, TEAM EDWARD, I said it!}

when i first heard of twilight i didn't understand what all the hype was about
i thought it was just another teeny bopper movie,
 i was turned off with the whole vampire thing, who would have known
boy was i wrong {and out of the loop}
 i love a good love story
i am a romantic at heart

unlike the teeny boppers and their mommies, i won't be watching it thursday night a midnight
although i'd like to, i have to work and probably would fall asleep during the movie
so i will be attending the friday night showing,
 i can't wait, all the movies have been great.
my favorite has to be the first.

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