Friday, July 29, 2011

summer fun

the boys have been busy

as a child i remember having so much fun getting wet outside.

 number 2  got a slip n slide for his birthday
 they put it to good use

we have been enjoying our summer break.

hope you are too.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

bath inspiration

here are some images of beautiful bathrooms i found

this room looks clean, crisp and refreshing


love the clawfoot tub
and the chandelier
we picked a color for our bath
let's keep our fingers crossed and hope this is the one
images via

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

got the blues

have the itch to repaint the bathroom.

 we painted {i mean hubby painted} some time last year
when all the painting was completed i really didn't like the color
he didn't either 
but i wasn't gonna have hubby repaint it
so we decided to live with it and see if the color would grow on us
it didn't

so i have been looking at some blues
 right now my bathroom looks like this

 lovely right {i am a little embarrassed with all the mess}
thats what you get when you decide to go with open shelves
live and learn

i have been looking through the web for some inspiration

 most bathrooms are painted white
i want to freshen up the room as the brown makes it feel too dark and dingy
you do not want to feel like that in a bathroom

here are some of the colors i am looking at

i want a soft whitish blue tone
this brown looks hideous especially in this picture
need to decide soon
so we can get to painting
what do you think?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

backyard update

we have been hard at work making something of our bare backyard.
we planted along this brick wall that looks like what I refer to as the prison wall
{ not that I have been in prison or ever been to one}


we planted four of these white bougainvillea plants.
the flowers are papery white with pinkish tones, just beautiful!
we also planted two eden rose climbers. I cant wait to see them bloom.


this is the side of my house where we experimented and planted iceberg roses.
so far these guys have not messed with them,
 they are to busy messing with each other.


we have more work to do… but I am happy with the progress….

 edit: this is what the patio area looks like now, almost a month later
i luv luv luv the way the bouganvillea is growing

can't wait for the climbing eden roses to start blooming

and do you see the arbor peeking over the wall..hubby built that
 we just planted climbing eden roses there too....

what a difference

Friday, July 1, 2011

happy birthday sis!

can't believe i have not blogged in over a month.
this past june was a very busy and tough one
{i will blog more about that another time}

today is my sister marisa's birthday!
i am blessed not only to have such a great sister but she is also my best friend

i love her, sisters are the best
they know exactly who you are and love you anyway :)

so i asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said nothing :)
 but i remembered that a few weeks back while we were shopping the antique stores in downtown orange
she saw a potting bench and she said she wanted one

I did a google search for potting benches
there are so many different types
 you can go ultra fancy, utilitarian, or basic

these are a few that caught my eye

this image via southern living

hubby is going to make it for her {what a nice hubby!}
i wonder which one she will pick.

have a great weekend!
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