Friday, February 3, 2012

tea cozy house is moving!

hello friends, for some time i have been thinking about moving this blog and or changing the name.
i wasn't convinced with my blog name but once i starting blogging, i didn't want to change it.
 it has never been a right fit for me and what i want for this blog.
 a while back hubby and i had discussed creating a blog that would showcase some of his work
 thus was born the name

i have decided to move this blog over to my new blog.
i need to figure out if i can import my old blog posts, not sure...
 i hope you will join me in this new adventure.


Thursday, February 2, 2012


yesterday, number two asked me if i could make him some cookies.

 i made these yummy cookies


the recipe was super yummy.
the house smelled like sweet peanut butter while the cookies baked.

we all liked them, especially number two.

i had to put the rest of them away for us to enjoy today.
something to look forward to tonight.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

good doggy and other pictures

i have been playing with my camera today.
i have an assignment to play with depth of field and aperture.
the more i shoot the more i realize i have so much to learn yet.
i am finding it is a process and practice really does make perfect
or in my case almost, not quite yet perfect.
here are some shots i took today.

this is the best behaved dog ever, isn't he cute?

this is the boys bath.
it is a small room which makes it quite difficult to take pictures of.

ok so i don't have a picture yet in this frame, i wasn't going to show it but i just love the color on the frame.
this was another one of my home good goodies. i want to either purchase a print or make one.
i am trying to incorporate more color.
i guess i am a little impatient about these things.

thanks for stopping by.
hows your day going so far?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

home goods goodies

tuesdays are my photography classes :)
after class i have a few hours before i pick my boys up from school.
 i usually go get some lunch {a brc burrito from el pollo loco, my favorite}
and then i stop by Home Goods and TJ Maxx that are conveniently next to each other.

here are some of the goodies i have acquired lately.

mr. owl, isn't he cute? i just loved the color, perfect for my laundry room.

this wire market basket, it was the only one there. it now holds my towels in the laundry room.

and this sign

this chicken and the sign were a gift from my sister from home goods.

i absolutely loved this cup with the sweet birdie to hold my jewelry.

as i am looking at all these pictures i realize there is a lot of blue and animal going on
hmm, is that my new trend?

i think i better not make it habit of going to home goods every tuesday.
i may go broke.

but it sure feels good to score a few nice things for the house.

where is your favorite place to shop?

Monday, January 30, 2012

lego birthday party

saturday was number one's birthday party

my boys love legos

 there was lots of lego building fun

i love the look on his face when he is building.

number two with his cousin

daddy was being the cupcake host

 homemade chocolate cake always tastes better


birthday parties are about spending time with family and friends

he was so cute giving his thank you speech

evidence that fun had been had and m &m's were eaten 
so much for my cute centerpieces

we had lots of fun.
we are so blessed to have such great family and friends.

it is my hope that as my children grow they will remember these special moments
and know that they are loved.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

the day after

we had a birthday party for number one yesterday.
parties are so much fun. so much planning and effort goes into all the preparations.
we had lots of fun

but today all i wanted to do is spend time in my comfy place.

reading my new one year bible, sipping on my favorite tea, lounging on my conmfy bed.

not to mention i work tomorrow {my partner needed the day so we switched.}
i haven't worked a monday since last june.

hence this small post.
i will be back tomorrow to post pictures of the birthday party.

wishing you a blessed week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

a family favorite

yesterday we had these yummy tostadas for dinner.
they are one of our family favorites.
they are delish and really simple to make.
they are so easy to make and assemble.

i buy ready to eat tostadas, most markets here in california sell them.
i make them out of chicken.
 i used to boil chicken breasts and then shred the chicken.
what i found was that by boiling the chicken, it left it dry and a bit rubbery.
i like to make enough for left-overs the following day and the chicken would not taste as good.

Ina always recommends to roast chicken if you are making chicken salad,
so i started following her recipe.
 i oven roast two whole chicken breasts bone in.
if you have not tried roasting, i highly recommend it.
it really makes a world of a difference and the chicken remains tasty and juicy.

{i wasn't going to add the picture, because it looks a little gross, but illustrates my point so here you go, sorry}

to roast the chicken just sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper well.
i also leave the skin on, it keeps the chicken moist.

roast at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes.
once the chicken is cooked, cool, remove skin and shred.

i spread pinto beans on the tostada
 (hubby prefers the canned Rosarito beans, i use the spicy jalapeno kind)
 i know these aren't traditional mexican but they really taste good with the tostadas.
top with shredded chicken breasts,
chopped romaine lettuce
{ i use romaine because iceberg really has no nutritional value, i also like the texture of the romaine)
squeeze lime juice (totally optional, but yummy)
top with tomatoes, queso fresco {mexican cheese}
and  homemade salsa.
and you get this

one word, delish!

i am good with two.
i hope you enjoy them as well.
let me know if your family liked them as much as mine does.
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