Wednesday, February 1, 2012

good doggy and other pictures

i have been playing with my camera today.
i have an assignment to play with depth of field and aperture.
the more i shoot the more i realize i have so much to learn yet.
i am finding it is a process and practice really does make perfect
or in my case almost, not quite yet perfect.
here are some shots i took today.

this is the best behaved dog ever, isn't he cute?

this is the boys bath.
it is a small room which makes it quite difficult to take pictures of.

ok so i don't have a picture yet in this frame, i wasn't going to show it but i just love the color on the frame.
this was another one of my home good goodies. i want to either purchase a print or make one.
i am trying to incorporate more color.
i guess i am a little impatient about these things.

thanks for stopping by.
hows your day going so far?

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