Tuesday, January 31, 2012

home goods goodies

tuesdays are my photography classes :)
after class i have a few hours before i pick my boys up from school.
 i usually go get some lunch {a brc burrito from el pollo loco, my favorite}
and then i stop by Home Goods and TJ Maxx that are conveniently next to each other.

here are some of the goodies i have acquired lately.

mr. owl, isn't he cute? i just loved the color, perfect for my laundry room.

this wire market basket, it was the only one there. it now holds my towels in the laundry room.

and this sign

this chicken and the sign were a gift from my sister from home goods.

i absolutely loved this cup with the sweet birdie to hold my jewelry.

as i am looking at all these pictures i realize there is a lot of blue and animal going on
hmm, is that my new trend?

i think i better not make it habit of going to home goods every tuesday.
i may go broke.

but it sure feels good to score a few nice things for the house.

where is your favorite place to shop?

1 comment:

  1. I am so jealous! I wish we had a Home Goods near me. Maybe it's a good thing, though-because I would be broke too!


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