Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sewing and some thoughts

after being off on winter break for about a month, i went back to work today.
i enjoy my time off and being at home working on projects, cleaning, and cooking.
i love being able to stay home part time, it was what i was hoping and praying for.
is it bad if i say i did not miss work?

i was dreading going back, and the thought of planning did me in yesterday.
but today as i walking to my classroom, some of my students saw me and yelled
"Mrs. Nunez, we missed you" and gave me big hugs.
that put a big smile on my face and made me realize, this is not so bad.
kids will love you unconditionally if you show them love, respect {and teach them a few things}.
that was God's way of showing me that this is important to him
and to those kids who in such a short time have grown to love me and me them.
anyways, this post is about sewing, don't worry i won't ramble much about work.

 i mustered up the courage to finally use my new sewing machine.
i bought this last year...can't even remember the month.

one of my new years resolutions was to use my sewing machine. i was determined.

i made curtains for the laundry room sink.

 they weren't that hard to make. after all it was just a straight stitch.
 i found sewing to be relaxing.
i am happy with the end result.
this is the sink cabinet that hubby made. love it!
the curtains hide the not so pretty laundry stuff.

tomorrow i am off again, i tell you, i shouldn't be complaining.
i plan on posting before and after pictures of the laundry room soon.

thanks for stopping by!

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