Monday, January 2, 2012

laundry room progress

we have been making progress on the laundry room

here is a before picture, not pretty
this room was a catch all for things that either didn't fit in our house or didn't go
hence the vinyl action figure display case, sorry honey! 

i guess it was stuck in the 80's
{even though we purchased in 1999}

washer and dryer were purchased and are due to be installed on wednesday.

horrendous flooring soon to be gone, it is amazing the damage sunlight does

 walls were painted and as we speak{or rather I type} hubby is installing new flooring.

i really like the color,

it feels a whole lot cleaner, like a laundry room should feel.

we are going to install this fixture from Lowe's

Zoomed: allen + roth 10-1/2" Bronze Ceiling Semi-Flush Mount

i looks a bit vintage and is not too expensive

it's pretty exciting to see it all come together,
 thanks to my awesome hubby who loves to work

and makes my dreams come true,
he's a keeper!

he is too, always wanting to be in the mix.

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