Friday, January 13, 2012

evolution of a laundry room

welcome to our new {old} laundry room

our laundry room is located outside our house in a separate room
kinda like a bonus room, a very spacious one.

this is what the room looked like before if you remember from this post

 wah la {picture me waving a little wand around}
 this is how it looks like now

 our laundry room is finally complete, at least the laundry side of this room.

it is a complete change from this yucky flooring
{kinda embarrassed to show this picture, but gotta keep it real}
new clean floors are soo nice
goodbye blue walls

 hello new paint, new washer and dryer, and check out that new light fixture that hubby
fitted with a spray painted medallion to make it beefier, it was a little wimpy.

 new cabinet hubby made, a sink and faucet from ikea were perfect for this utility sink.
detergent looks a lot prettier in a glass container.

my nanita gave me the little washboard.

hubby also made this shelf to cover pipes that were protruding from the wall.
i painted it and gave it a light sanding to look a bit distressed.
i made curtains for the utility sink to hide all the laundry necessities that are not so pretty.

i really liked the way the light fixture looks in this room.

eventually, on the other side of the room, i want to make it my sewing/craft area.
i bought an old desk at the goodwill that i want to refiinsh and paint to add.

 for now i have beautiful clean place where i can air my dirty laundry.
thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Oh it looks so lovely! I can't wait to own a house someday and decorate it! Handmade cabinets are always nice :) xx

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job. Both of you! I bet it's almost a pleasure to do laundry now!


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