Saturday, January 14, 2012

12 house to home goals

 the other day i was reading the nester's post on house goals.
i had never thought about house goals per say
 but i did have to do lists in my head of things that i would like to get done
 around the house to feather my nest.

as i walk around my house picking up and cleaning
i always hear that little voice saying "we need to" :
{notice how the little voice says we as in hubby and i}

1. paint the boy's bedrooms
update and add a little vintage items such as antique trucks
maybe new bedding too
especially number 2's room that still has a shelf that we used for his nursery

2. finally put up a gallery wall in my hallway
 like the ones that i have been drooling about on pinterest
 and add a new light fixture with more vintage character

Pinned Image

3. change the light fixture in the mudroom

i really like this  moravian star pendant

source google images

4. add a new chandelier to the dining room
that one has been on my list for a while

 Pinned Image

5. organize my closet and finally try project 320

6. re-do my master bedroom
i still want to consult her
i am just recuperating from the lack of funds after the laundry room remodel

7. continue to work on making our backyard a beautiful retreat
adding more roses and a new water fountain

Pinned Image

8. change the faucet in the boys bathroom 
 and have hubby build a new cabinet like this one

Pinned Image

9. style the bookcases in the living room/dining room
hubby built these for me but i am stumped as to what i should put here
i can't seem to get it right

Pinned Image

10. add more touches of vintage items to the living room
 i want to paint a sign like this one

Pinned Image

11. infuse my home with more colorful accents

Pinned Image

i love meg's use of color in her home.

12. create a craft room-sewing space in the laundry room

Pinned Image

lastly, and more importantly, maintain a clean, organized, and functional home
that is a place of respite for our family.

if you are visiting from the nester's link party,
thanks for stopping by my cozy blog.

unless noted all images are from pinterest.

Screen Shot 2012-01-11 at 7.10.39 AM

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful goals for your family in your home this year!
    I like all your inspiration photos as well. Best wishes on completing your list! You'll get lots of cheer to push onward...
    btw, welcome to blogging!


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