Saturday, January 7, 2012

the four legged members of our family

i don't believe i have formally introduced the four legged members of our family.

if you have pets, you know that your animals are members of your family
my boys call them their brother dogs.
we got Max only a year after we were married.
he is our 10 year old boxer.
hubby brought him home on a whim.
he came home in a small shoe box and i immediately was in love
he was such a cute puppy!

I'll have to scan some pictures from my old album to add to this post later.

i have always been a lover of animals.
my sister could have sworn that i was going to be a veterinarian, little did she know that i would follow her lead and become a teacher, but i'll save that story for a different post.

Charlie is our two year old rambunctious boston terrier.
he is such a character! he loves to run and chase his ball.
he barks at the boys and tries to nibble on their toes when they are swinging.
 he climbs the play structure and goes down the slide, too funny!

as a puppy, Max was very active, now he is such a gentle dog.
he is my companion, when he is indoors with me, he always follows me around {even to the restroom!}

they keep each other company and charlie is always giving max love and kisses.
dogs add such joy to our lives all in exchange for food and belly rubs.
they truly are man's this girl's best friend!

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  1. Awwe, Max reminds me of the gentleness of my Daisy (AKA best dog ever!). I miss her so much :( And yes, I still wonder why you didn't persue your calling (houling). I say it's never too late!


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