Wednesday, July 13, 2011

backyard update

we have been hard at work making something of our bare backyard.
we planted along this brick wall that looks like what I refer to as the prison wall
{ not that I have been in prison or ever been to one}


we planted four of these white bougainvillea plants.
the flowers are papery white with pinkish tones, just beautiful!
we also planted two eden rose climbers. I cant wait to see them bloom.


this is the side of my house where we experimented and planted iceberg roses.
so far these guys have not messed with them,
 they are to busy messing with each other.


we have more work to do… but I am happy with the progress….

 edit: this is what the patio area looks like now, almost a month later
i luv luv luv the way the bouganvillea is growing

can't wait for the climbing eden roses to start blooming

and do you see the arbor peeking over the wall..hubby built that
 we just planted climbing eden roses there too....

what a difference

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