Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas decorating

after taking jenn rizzos holiday house tour this week
i was inspired to take some pictures of some of the holiday decorating i have done so far
it all started with going to buy a christmas tree last weekend

we buy a fresh tree, i just can't seem to go with a fake tree
{saying fake even sounds bad}

 i love the way the pine smell permeates our home

my job is to string the lights, all twelve of them
every year i seem to need more lights

i took some pictures of my doggie max, he didn't seem to mind all the lights

he likes to be in the action and near me.

here are some of the things i have been working on

a bible verse for my dining room

a vintage angel that my sister gave me one year for christmas

 a cute musical birdie i found last year at target

every year hubby and i buy a family ornament,
 this year we added this lil guy
hubby knows i have been loving owls lately

my tree does not have a theme and i don't usually decorate with just one color
though i like theme trees, i like to use ornaments that we have collected year to year
each ornament comes with a memory of that time and is special

the boys each get to pick their own ornament
when they grow up and leave the nest {tear}
they will be able to take their box of ornaments to hang on their tree in their home

a whimsical santa

here is the best shot i could get of the entire tree
because our house is cozy {small} we have our tree in the dining room

who knew photographing a tree was trixxy

 another {not so good}shot of the entire tree

moving on to the boy's room

number one's tree

i found these cute mini ornaments last year

number two's tree, he hung all the ornaments himself

a small nativity for the boys

a cold chickadee in the boy's bathroom

a small wreath for my bedroom

a white nativity that hubby bought me for christmas one year

hope you enjoyed my little tour.

tonight i hope to take pictures of the outside before it gets too dark

have a great weekend.


  1. Everything is beautiful. Your tree is gorgeous. I am like fake tree for me. ;) This is the first year I haven't put my kid's ornaments and all the ornaments collected over the years on my tree. Mine looks a tad bare but I am okay with it. Love your dog too!! :)

  2. What a beautiful home..I love your nativity..
    Merry Christmas..

  3. Your home looks beautiful all decked out for the holidays... so festive. Max looks like a love!



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