Saturday, December 3, 2011

a cup of tea

i love a good cup of tea

i am also a coffee drinker
 but after my two cups {mugs}of coffee in the morning
i still crave a warm sip of something but i don't allow myself three cups{mugs}of coffee
my heart starts getting does not feel good.

i especially crave a warm cup of tea during the cold winter months
before going to bed i drink another cup so i thought i would share with you
my favorite teas
i enjoy celestial seasonings
these are my favorites

i drink the country peach during the day when i crave a cup of something warm
this is my habit on my days off when i am home cleaning {blogging}

at night i like to drink the tension tamer or as my hubby calls it my dragon tea
the tension tamer has a peppermint taste that i really enjoy

if i am really tired the sleepytime and the sleepytime extra are good choices
sleepytime is a chamomile blend and the extra has valerian, an herb that helps promote relaxation

having a single cup brewer also makes tea time super easy
i just pop in the tea bag and push the brew button and wah-la

tea is ready in an instant

did i mention that tea is good for you and helps decrease the risk of heart related illness

i know i love it and it does help to relax me before going to bed.
what about you drink tea? what are your favorites?

1 comment:

  1. Lovely and cozy. I long to be a coffee drinker. I love the idea of it. I'm also not a tea drinker so that leaves me with cocoa and though I love it my hips do not because I especially love it piled high with marshmallows!


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