Friday, December 30, 2011

lovely laundry

after many years of cleaning service, our washing machine broke
it was one of our first purchases when we first got married and purchased our little home.
i had told the hubby that i thought it was on it's last straw
and this week, after throwing in my son's blanket and sheets to wash it did her in

so now we are purchasing a new washer and dryer and we will be remodeling the laundry room. we had planned on doing it this summer when hubby is off

i will spare you pictures of our laundry room now
seriously it's awful not to mention super dirty
i guess it will make for a better before and after picture
when we complete our project

i had already started my lovely laundry pinboard on pinterest for our future project

here are some of my favorites

Pinned Image

i love the colors on the counter, i want hubby to build a counter like this one

Pinned Image

we will be installing flooring like this
we found some vinyl flooring that looks like wood
perfect for the laundry room which also doubles as a workout room
{more like storage for machines that never get used}

i like the functionality of this one and the colors

Pinned Image

 we are looking at purchasing a front loading washer and dryer
i have heard good and bad things about frontloading machines

hubby likes to do his research and decided we should go with an LG
i originally wanted silver but they cost $500 more!
 just for color....white will do.

Pinned Image

these are just lovely rooms i pinned
we will be painting the walls a similiar color

Pinned Image

i like the wood countertop, the skirt, and did you notice the light fixture?
wonder if that could fit our budget?
getting ideas and looking for inspiration is probably the most enjoyable aspect of a remodel project
i am excited, i will be taking pictures of the project to share with you

how about you? are you planning a project for the new year?

images via pinterest, click on the images to read more about the remodel

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