Sunday, March 13, 2011


this past week flew by. last weekend my two sisters and I drove down to Tijuana, Mexico to visit our nanita in the hospital. she fell and what we thought was a broken hip thankfully turned out to be a broken femur,{still not good but better}. she was in good spirits. we hung out, talked and i asked her about her childhood. she told us stories about where she grew-up. we talked about food. my nanita was a great cook {she really can't cook anymore but she loves to help}. my sisters and i share her love of cooking. as a child i would enjoy watching and helping her cook. she would start early in the morning chopping and prepping for that evenings dinner. i loved how she was just so calm chopping and cooking and took her time. as a working mom who is always rushing to get dinner on the table at a decent time i wish i had the time to just focus on cooking and my home.

so being in a hospital in Mexico got me to thinking how lucky we really are. i was overcome by an immense feeling of gratefulness, that God has blessed us, thankful that my mom and dad out of a difficult circumstance moved to the US and that we were given an opportunity to have a better future.
 though we did not grow up with much, we were very fortunate.
some are never given that opportunity, some have to endure much, much more hardship and pain.

sometimes i wonder why should i be so lucky

and then realize that it is by the GRACE of God that i have what i have.

not because i am more deserving or that i have worked harder than others

it is by his love and GRACE,

how amazing that we are so loved,

how amazing ....

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