Wednesday, August 17, 2011

barn doors

This unique pantry portal was a vintage door from an old New Orleans bank safe and is installed on a sliding track.

i am loving these barn doors
i also love the old school chalkboard wall

yes, i wish i lived in a barn
on a farm
with some chickens
and my family too, of course
that would be great!

imagine having this door for your bedroom closet

maybe one day when i live in a barn,
hey, a girl can dream right

p.s. this girl is back to work but plan on posting regularly.
this year i am taking a job share which means more time for me family.

images from cottage living and whisperwood cottage


  1. Wooohooo.....please continue posting. I love all the beautiful pictures and words you share. I am so happy for you on the job share. What a wonderful opportunity. I am positive the Lord will bless you with more than enough and fill you "barn" with plenty. I pray you will be creative and fearless with this blessed time.

  2. I'm soo excited about your new schedule. You are going to enjoy the extra time that you will have to do the things that inspire you. Enjoy the wide-opened barn door.


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