Saturday, May 14, 2011

backyard dreamin'

Spring has definitely sprung here in California.
we are enjoying great weather in the 70's.
My roses are off the hook blooming.
{silly me to do all that worrying about the pruning}
 they have never looked better.

hubby and i have been busy working on the backyard,
 we have lived in our home for over 10 years.
when we first married we were just starting out and did not do a thing to the backyard but water the grass. I did have a few potted geraniums, and whatever plants we inherited from the previous owner.
when we got doggy number 1 things plants slowly started to disappear including all the roses that we planted in the patio planter.
1 geranium and a hydrangea managed to survive the massacre {the super curious boxer} and now they reside in my front garden, doing really well.

we planted some white iceberg roses
i love that they grow abundantly and are nice and full bushes
they look great in borders.
{this is not a picture of my garden, rather an image of how i hope mine will look in the future}

hubby just bought some hydrangeas to plant along a north facing border that does not get a lot of sunlight.  i can't wait to do more planting back there.
i will be posting some pictures soon
{as soon as i learn to use my new camera that hubby got me for mother's day}

i received the pottery barn outdoor spaces catalog today.
here are a few of my favorite spaces

Faraday Sectional

i love the look of furniture outdoors

Globe String Lights, 8-Light
these futons look so comfy for having an outdoor movie night

Baja Stripe Outdoor Lumbar Pillow, 16 x 26"

i just love the idea of having an outdoor fireplace
i am hoping that we can work one into the backyard plans.

i am left so inspired to get my backyard summer ready for hubby, kids, doggies and i to enjoy

I can't wait for summer!
i am counting the days
pictures via Pottery Barn

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