Saturday, April 23, 2011

backyard dreams

finally on spring break....{long sigh}

for some time i have been wanting to plant and fix up or back yard.
it is really bare thanks to these two fellows...
correction, mainly to dog 1, my boxer
he seems to have an affinity for roses...rose bush roots that is!

don't let that cute face fool you..{i do love him soo though}
but nothing green lasts in the back yard
so we really haven't planted anything back there since that is his domain.
 this year we have decided to try again.
a few years ago we planted an iceberg rose tree to see how it faired.
no luck, it was down for the count in less than a week.

and now we have added doggy #2
a rambunctious brown boston terrier

i think he will do fine with the plantings
it is doggy #1 i am worried about

hubby planted a rose bush in one of the planters as a test yesterday
i am hoping the new rose bush survives
for now i will continue dreaming of a new backyard with beautiful plantings

my very own garden oasis...we'll see how it fares

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