Saturday, April 2, 2011


went to Armstrongs with my sister Marisa,
we had a lot of fun looking at the plants.
 Lately i have been diggin' {no pun intended}the succulents

i saw one of these and loved it

Succulent Wreath

my sister and I agreed that we should make one
i guess i am a wreath kinda girl
the succulent wreath will have to go on my to do list.

i bought some more foxglove and a white delphinuim to plant in some of the bare areas of the rose beds.
I like the height they give in the garden.

the roses have finally started to sprout foliage,
after the trimming I was worried that they would be bare and not grow back.
i am relieved to see new buds.

and i also bought some ladybugs to release into the garden this evening
for some organic pest control.
love the ladies.

the boys will be excited to set them free.

something exciting about having a three day weekend,
i feel my creative juices flowing.


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