Monday, February 21, 2011

kitchen remodel {after}

So here is my after pictures, after all the waiting {about ten years, before we finally decided to tackle the kitchen}. I never dreamed that I could have a kitchen like this…and now I do. I absolutely love it. I love to cook and now it is so much easier to do especially with this island. My only regret is that I waited too long but then again we probably wouldn’t of had the budget either. If and when we move {that’s a whole other blog post}, the kitchen will be the first thing  we remodel.

Of course my kitchen doesn’t always look this way {almost never}  but nonetheless, it was fun staging it to share with you.

This is our mudroom turned pantry area, not too much to look at. We were able to add a small wine fridge in this area. this area was not yet camera ready.. .will work on it soon.
Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed the view.
 and are having a wonderful day…

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  1. Wow..your kitchen looks fabulous!!! I love it..I want to see close up of the knobs and all the details. Please share. Thanks for stopping by..the old blog. So you might be moving..why?


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