Sunday, February 20, 2011

kitchen remodel {before}

We remodeled our kitchen in 2009. Can’t believe it has been almost two years.  I wanted to share with you pictures of my kitchen before the remodel, I didn’t take any pictures of the kitchen before we did some demolition, but with the studs you can see where the wall was. I wanted to tear down and create a great room. when we had family over, I would either be stuck in the kitchen all by my lonesome or my sister and friends would all cozily gather in the kitchen talking to me, either way it was no fun.
noahandben 040noahandben 055
Funny story about the roosters in the kitchen:
When we first bought the house, I noticed the roosters and vowed those were going to be the first to go….and there they are {or were} almost 10 years later. What can I say, they grew on me. Hopefully they are now residing in a home who loves them..they went with the cabinets… to a new home somewhere in Tijuana, Mexico.
 noahandben 057
noahandben 060

Here is my doggy number 1. Who could resist a doggy picture, not me.
Max was always so curious about what was going on in the kitchen, hoping someone would give him a treat.
noahandben 015We have hardwood floors throughout the house and decided to install them in the kitchen. Since it was going to open to the living/dining room area, I wanted an even floor.
noahandben 105
I love the way the floor looks in the picture below.
it was so shiny and new, it felt like a dance floor.
noahandben 014
When I came home from work the day the cabinets were installed, I was in awe..I absolutely loved them.
noahandben 024
hubby being the planner that he is, had all the appliances installed the day after the cabinets were fitted to ensure they fit well..and they did.

noahandben 028 

this island is a must, I didn't realize how much i would use it makes breakfast and food prep easier.

I hand picked the granite at a  local granite yard. I was amazed of the color in granite and how one color varied from the time and season in which it was cut. All quite interesting.
when the granite was installed, I was even happier …. I absolutely loved the color on the island. It even has some shiny {blingy} opalescent specks.

 I will post some after pictures tomorrow..when I clean up my kitchen and stage it.


  1. Gorgeous! Every last detail! I'm giving you a standing ovation. I bet that kitchen has been worth the wait. LOVE it.

  2. Wow, it is simply gorgeous - love the island!



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