Thursday, February 3, 2011


have you ever felt blah.....I have been feeling like that all week. After all the festivities of my son's birthday...the party prep.. the baking...I was left pooped. Something about having my friends and family over is so energizing and tiring at the same time. We had a great turn-out and all the kids had so much fun. You can tell by this picture where all the shoes and socks are thrown everywhere.
Kids love jumpers.Whenever we have a party at home, a jumper is a must. 

I made this Indiana Jones cake with the giant boulder. It was fun to make. It tasted sooo yummy.I know because there was almost nothing left over but crumbs. I also baked cupcakes. It was interesting to see the kids preferences, some wanted cake some wanted cupcakes...and then some wanted both.. too cute!


We had such a great time. Birthday parties are a lot of work but definitley worth the smiles on the kids{and adults}faces.

I am ever so grateful to God for my Family.
{My boys are my biggest accomplishment}.
 Thank you for visiting.

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