Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indiana jones party food

My little one is home sick with a fever today which allowed me some time to do a bit more research on the party.{ He's taking a nap}.

After consulting with my son he told me he didn't want the snake cake but instead wanted this:


The snake cake looked easy to make but hey, I'm up for a creative challenge. I consulted with my friend Sam who is awesome at making cakes among other things and she gave me some pointers.  Now to find the basketball cake rounds....

 I've been busy searching for the web for ideas on which food to serve. These are pretty fun.

Indiana Jones Party Food Ideas:
Monkey Brain (meatballs and pasta)
 or Indy Snake lo mein in these

Butterfly Wings (potato chips)
Worms (gummy worms)
Beetles (chocolate-covered raisins)
Alligator Eyes (grapes)
Cheese & Crackers
Ice Cream sandwiches

Jungle Poison (raspberry lemonade) in coconut cups and have the kids take "poison antidotes" (colorful M&Ms) right after having the drink.

Decisions, decisions. I'm off to take care of my little one...have a blessed day.

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